Light signal decoder Swiss signal type N
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Light signal decoder Swiss signal type N
Mit dem Generator Typ N ansteuerbare Signalvarianten
Signalbilder der Signale Typ N
Schalten der Signalbilder
Signal-Hersteller und erforderliche Decoder-Konfigurationen

The signal system N was introduced in 1986 as light signal system by the Swiss Railway. As with the combined signals of the L-system, the signal screens of main and approach signals have the same dimensions. To distinguish between both types, main signals are marked with a white ring, whereas approach signals contain a square white border.

Main signals permit or prohibit to drive on, and may show the permitted maximum speed with an additional indicator (light digit). If the next signal shows a lower speed as the current main signal, the approach signal will indicate it.

Approach signals are in breaking distance to the main signal and show which signal aspect is to be expected at the main signal

The flyer for the Swiss signals type N shows the configuration.

Decoder of the Z1-series (standard and all-in-one classes) are the actual light signal decoder of the Qdecoder. Before using them on the model railway, they need to be configured. In the simplest case this is done with the programming button. However, often an additional programming with configuration variables is required. If signal aspects should be displayed, this programming can get an extensive job.

You can manually configure the decoder yourself, or you acquire a pre-configures Qdecoder-light decoder and save the configuration of the configuration variables.

Not all signal aspects are required in all cases. N-signal aspect generators of Qdecoder are available in four varieties for typical use cases. One or two signals can be connected to one Qdecoder, depending on the required number of function outputs.

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Currently, there are the following pre-configured decoder in the light signal decoder shop:

Type of decoder Connectable at the
Data sheet
Signal type N
Light signal for one to two signals type N. Via CV the decoder can be set up for
  • signals without speed display
  • signals with one digit
  • signals with three digits
  • signals with seven segment digit display
(depending on the value of the configuration CV)
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