Light signal decoder Swiss signal type N - Signal-Hersteller und erforderliche Decoder-Konfigurationen
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Light signal decoder Swiss signal type N
Mit dem Generator Typ N ansteuerbare Signalvarianten
Signalbilder der Signale Typ N
Schalten der Signalbilder
Signal-Hersteller und erforderliche Decoder-Konfigurationen

Signal manufacturer and the required decoder configuration


Signals for Swiss models can be obtained from the manufacturers MicroScale (in a huge variety) and alphamodell.

Signals with multiple speed limit aspects are only produced by MicroScale. The 7-segment displays are the most powerful signals that are currently available.


The signal aspect generator type N can be adjusted to all signal variations via a single CV.
All signals with common anode (positive pole) can be controlled. Signals with common cathode can not be controlled by the signal aspect generators of the Z1-series.


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