Light signal decoder Swiss dwarf signals

Dwarf signals are used for control of shunting operations.
Get Adobe Flash player Decoder of the Z1-series (standard and all-in-one classes) are the actual light signal decoder of the Qdecoder. Before using them on the model railway, they need to be configured. In the simplest case this is done with the programming button. However, often an additional programming with configuration variables is required. If signal aspects should be displayed, this programming can get an extensive job.


You can manually configure the decoder yourself, or you acquire a pre-configures Qdecoder-light decoder and save the configuration of the configuration variables.

A Qdecoder-signal aspect generator for two dwarf signals and a package of three Qdecoder-signal aspect generator for eight dwarf signals is available in the light signal decoder shop.

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Type of decoder Connectable
per decoder
Data sheet

Dwarf signal
2 signals +
2 separate light outputs
Decoder package 8 dwarf signals
8 signals Download

Signal aspect and accessory addresses

Setting of accessory addresses for a single decoder

The accessory addresses to switch each signal aspect can be adjusted by CV-programming:

Configuration variable Value to set Default value
CV9 / CV1 Accessory address for the first dwarf signal 1
CV551 / CV552 Accessory address for the second dwarf signal 3
CV554 / CV555 Accessory address for the first separate Lamp / LED 0 (= not switched)
CV557 / CV558 Accessory address for the second separate Lamp / LED 0 (= not switched)

Each dwarf signal occupies an 'address space' of up to four accessory addresses, which should not be used by other accessories

8 dwarf signals are controlled with three decoder in the decoder package. The connection and the addresses are described in the data sheet.

Switching of signal aspects

signal aspect Switch command
general Default values
Stop Stop A plus_rot Accessory address 1 or 3 plus_rot
Approach Approach A minus_gruen Accessory address 1 or 3 minus_gruen
Approach with caution Caution A + 1 plus_rot Accessory address 2 or 4 plus_rot

Dwarf signal manufacturer

Manufacturer Signal type
-600 -601
alphamodell 6310

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