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Turnout decoder

All Qdecoder are able to switch turnouts and semaphore signals. Qdecoder have powerful drivers (up to 2 A are supported) and offer very good price performance ratios.


Qdecoder Z1-16N is a switching decoder für magnetic components like turnouts or semaphore signals. It can switch light signals as well. However, they lack many comfort features that are necessary for a realistic operation of a light signal, for example dimming, fading in and fading out as well as flashing. We recommend the usage of one of the upper class decoders of the Z1 series.

Motor decoders of the Z2 series are used for motoric turnout drives and accessory motors. (like LGB, Tillig, Fulgurex, ...)
Servo motors can not be controlled by Z2 decoders.

 ´decodernumber of outputsnumber of turnoutsprice
magnetic turnouts Z1-16N 16 8 34,95 €
39,95 €
motoric turnouts
LGB drives
Z2-8N 8 39,95 €


Qdecoder can be used in DCC and Märklin/Motorola digital systems.



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