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Qdecoder Z1-16

z1-16plus The Qdecoder Z1-16 series is suitable for all accessories tasks that switch a maximum of 16 functions. For this reason it is ideal for operating as turnout decoder, serving up to 8 turnouts with one decoder. In addition it can be used for other functions, for example to control lighting systems or light signals.

The 16 terminals can be connected - also in mixed configurations - to:

  1. up to 8 relays or magnetic turnout drives
  2. lighting systems or light signals with common anode
    The Z1-16 with Signal-addon support the complete signal books of various railways
  3. LEDs, light bulbs, any other load

Main features



the all-in-one solution


standard decoder

Z1-16 Signal
for complex light signals


the switching decoder

Z1-16N Power

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Size 60 x 45 mm
Protocols DCC
Function outputs 16
Voltages track signal: 7 ... 27 V
transformer terminals : 12 ... 18 V DC, AC or track voltage

Permanent current: 16 x 2 A (2.5 A total)

In case of higher current changeover to pulsed operation (up to 1.5 seconds), afterwards cut-off of the decoder.

Pulsed operation: 16 x 4 A (total 4 A)

Connector Screw terminals, separate tracks and transformer connector
Track gauge

suitable for all track gauges

Error and programming display vie LED
Programming via
Program button yes yes  yes 
(DCC-) configuration variables in service mode (program track) yes yes  no 
(DCC-) configuration variables on the main track via the (first) accessories address (PoM mode for accessories decoder) yes yes  no 
(DCC-) configuration variables on the main track via the (first) locomotive address (PoM mode for function and locomotive decoder) yes yes  no 
Operation mode of the function outputs
Continous operation (light signal) yes yes  yes 
Number of outputs that are switched together ('signal aspects') any any
Impulse operation (turnout drives) yes yes  yes 
Flashing operation (permanent) yes yes  no 
Pulsed operation (temporary flashing) yes yes  no 
Alternative flashing yes yes  no 
Free programmable (e.g. as signal aspect generator) yes no  no 
Dim separately yes yes  no 
configure fading times seperately yes yes  no 
Switched by
Accessories commands yes yes  yes 
Accessories addresses 16 user defined 16 user defined  8 successive
Function buttons of locomotive addresses yes yes  no 
Number of locomotive addresses 4
(short or long locomotive address, short or long composite address and two additional)
(short or long locomotive address and composite address)
Number of supported function buttons 28 + light ("F0") 12 + light ("F0") 
Switchable in sequence mode yes no  no 
Number of sequence steps 50
Free programmable (user defined switch combination) yes no  no 
Numer of program CVs 400

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