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The Qdecoder-Handbuch - Qdecoder Manual
neu2012 As promised for some time we prepared an universal documentation of the behavior and properties of our products, called the Qdecoder Handbuch. It includes more than 130 pages packed with details - unfortunately most parts of it are written in German language. The chapters about Belgian and Dutch signals are in English language only. The Handbuch is available in the download section for free. Printed editions can be ordered in our online shop.


This book provides tons of information, manuals, how-tos for the application and configuration of Qdecoder, which can be called the most powerful and flexible decoder on the market. Using this Handbuch their should be no problhandbuch_coverem to apply a Qdecoder to a model railway and to configure it appropiately that it emphasizes the qualitiy of the model railway layout.

The manual is divided in four parts and several chapters. Beginners should start with the first section providing various examples for the usage of a Qdecoder to control turnouts or signals.

The 2nd section presents the operating modes in detail which generate signal aspects.

The 3rd section deals with all the configuration oportunities which are provided by all Qdecoder for their function outputs and presents some examples and hints for the usage of configuration variables (CV).

The last section provides information of the all-in-one class of Qdecoder. The programming of unique (own) signal aspects described in chapter 6 is meant for digital experts. The sequence generator for control of automated succesion of events is presented in chapter 8 and can be applied to various scenarios - beginning with traffic light control to complex illuminated advertising e.g.


Signal Add-on

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Qdecoder controls NMBS signals of Henckens

Qdecoder with the brand new Signal add-on are signal aspect generators. Besides the "common" Qdecoder features and the enhanced functionality of the all-in-one class this add-on provides plug&play configurations for various signalling systems - e.g. Swiss type, German and Austrian signalling systems are supported.

Such a signal aspect generator can drive signals in mixed configurations as well as turnout drives mixed with signals. It is available as high-side version ZH1 (for signals with common cathode) with 8 terminals, and as low-side version Z1 (for signals with common anode) with 8 or 16 terminals. Most signal manufacturers deliver signals with common anode and a cathode (+) as common return conductor. Furthermode the Signal add-on is avalable for the Z2-Qdecoder series. All Qdecoder with Signal add-on are fully compatible to analog model railway layouts as well and are conrolled by key buttons, reed contacts etc. in this application scenario.

Thus the new signal  aspect generator replaces all up-to-now available pre-configured Qdecoder. See below an overview of supported signalling systems of our newest generation of signal aspect generators:


The decoder of the Z1-16 variants enlarge the portfolio of the Z1-series. Providing 2 amps constant current and up to 3 amps peak current the Z1-16 decoder are more powerful than the Z1-8 ones.
  • The Z1-16N is a turnout and magnetic drives decoder controlling up to 8 turnouts in parallel.
  • The Z1-16N replaces the Z1-8N/M and will 'speak' both DCC and Motorola.
  • Z1-16 and Z1-16+ are the standard and all-in-one class variants of the Z1-16. 
The ZH1-8 series represents the equivalent to the Z1-8 series while the luminous sources are switched against a common cathode. All pre-configured Z1-8+ are avaiable as a ZH1-8 version too.

The ZH1-series offers the same features like the Z1-series for light signals with common cathode.

The decoders of the Z2-series have been developed to control motoric turnout drives
and other accessory drives. Furthermore light bulbs or signals can be switched against cathode and anode, or between the multi functional outputs of the Z2-series.
  • For motoric turnout drives the appropriate decoder can be found in the basic class of the Z2 series - the Z2-8N.
  • Z2-8 and Z2-8+ are the standard and all-in-one class variants of the Z2 series.

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