Light signal decoder Austrian signals
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Light signal decoder Austrian signals
Das Signalsystem der österreichischen Eisenbahnen und seine Signalbilder
Schalten der Signalbilder
Z1-8+ ÖBB-1: Signalbildgenerator verschiedene ÖBB Signale
Z1-8+ ÖBB-2: Signalbildgenerator 2 ÖBB Signale


Decoder of the Z1-series (standard and all-in-one classes) are the actual light signal decoder of the Qdecoder. Before using them on the model railway, they need to be configured. In the simplest case this is done with the programming button. However, often an additional programming with configuration variables is required. If signal aspects should be displayed, this programming can get an extensive job.

You can manually configure the decoder yourself, or you acquire a pre-configures Qdecoder-light decoder and save the configuration of the configuration variables.

Not in all cases all signal aspects are required. For this there are Qdecoder signal aspect generators in several variations. For the signal systems of the Austrian railways, two signal aspect generators have been developed that can switch on the CV 400 and CV401 different signals (-> Light signal decoder). One to three signals can be controlled in each setting. The function outputs of the decoder are used in full.

An overview is also show in the flyer ÖBB signal aspect generator.

Currently, there are the following pre-configured decoder in the light signal decoder shop:

Type of decoder

per decoder
Signal screens
Data sheet

Z1-8+ ÖBB-1
1 to 3 signals
with up to eight
signal lamps
haupt7a haupt5 haupt6a haupt6b haupt4a ... Download Shop
Z1-8+ ÖBB 2 2 to 3 signals
with up to four
signal lamps
... Download Shop


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