Derzeit entstehen die ersten Zusammenarbeiten mit Herstellern qualitativ hochwertiger Signalmodelle.

Wir sind ständig an weiteren Kontakten und Informationen interessiert, um die Möglichkeiten unserer Decoder anzuwenden.

Signal models from alphamodell

Ks-Signal von alpamodell Sockel der alpamodell-Signale Alphamodell-Signal in Seitenansicht

In spring 2013 we included the signal models of the Hungarian producer alphamodell into our sales and distribution program. You can purchase the signal models at all Qdecoder-specialised dealer. Most common models are available in stock. More seldomly desired models are delivered on order. All the the details for the single models are explained in the product overview.

Signal models of alphamodell can be considered as an compromise - richness of detail and quality are on a higher level than for mass production. But the prices for the signal models are below the ones for batch production. Thanks to SMD technology the luminous sources are scaled up and the signal background has a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm. The signal post is produced using etching technology, the wiring is mounted unvisibly - thus the optical impression is excellent. Additionally the detailed working platform is enhanec by open-worked floorboards.

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